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Trying to settle into a new apartment and a new city can be time-consuming, a lot more than one would expect…  I spent the week trying to accomplish certain things and advance on my “to do list”, but as always the list just got longer and not shorter.

I ended up at Ikea two times and I fear that my Ikea adventures are not over just yet, but on the bright side, the ferry to Ikea gives me a beautiful view of the City and Lady Liberty, which actually gives me fond memories of my time in Paris.  I lived right around the corner of the Statue of Liberty in Paris.

My sentimental feelings for Paris this week weren’t just with the Lady Liberty … I dare say, that I actually found myself missing the Paris metro (of all things) and quite a few times since I’ve arrived in New York.  I’m pretty familiar with the New York metro but with train delays, construction, and weekend and mid-day schedules, my trips became experiences with heavy delays.

But if it wasn’t for my first trip to Ikea by metro & bus with a little detour somewhere in Brooklyn, I would have never of discovered the new trend for vehicles in the USA. Cars with lashes!

Missing my European adventures, I decided to attend a Turkish Cultural Event and Oktoberfest this weekend.  Figured, just because I was on another continent that didn’t need to stop me.  All I have to say, there’s nothing like the real thing… Neither event was anything like I expected!

Although, not all is lost …   Tashi, Maria and I, are signed up for a Turkish cooking class, and what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a group of friends celebrating Oktoberfest amongst the cold winds and downpours 🙂