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I woke up bright and early this morning excited and anticipating my Ikea furniture delivery.  Only if I knew… An Ikea delivery, assembly, and installation are not as simple as I expected.

Once the delivery men showed up, they went over the list of items to be assembled and installed.  Somebody at Ikea thoroughly screwed up!!!  Only half of the items to be fixed to the wall were on the assembly list.  Umm … yeah, that’s totally not going to work!  I’m totally capable of assembling Ikea furniture, the point was the installation to the walls!  However, the $7.00 desk lamp was on the installation list – boggles my mind.  Last time I checked, I’m fully capable of screwing in a lightbulb.  Of course, a few other items that I expressly stated that I would do myself were on the list.  Ugh!

After three LONG phone calls to Ikea, and almost a mini-breakdown on my end … we were finally in business!

I was ready to swear off Ikea by the end of the day, but realistically, that’s not going to happen as my desk is still on back order.  Arrival anticipated this weekend, hopefully and unfortunately, I will probably be heading back to Ikea next week.  Although, next time, I will be in charge of assembly.

Six hours later, the semi-final end product …

Once the desk is in place, it’ll all be complete (at least for this section of the room).  I still need a kitchen table and maybe a sofa chair.  [Bernhard check out the chair 🙂 named after you, same spelling and all … I knew I had to have it … he he he]