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After three weeks of displacement, thanks to Superstorm Sandy, I arrived back in New York the day before Thanksgiving, and things are just finally starting to get back to normal (for me at least).  After my return, it took a couple of weeks before gas was restored and my building’s electricity has just been taken off the generators.  Woohoo! Hopefully no more power outages.

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I’m fortunate to have electricity and gas back as many of my neighboring buildings are still vacant and uninhabitable. So no complaints from me! Things in the Financial District are slowly getting back to normal.

Sulu Kofte

Last week, was probably my first week where everything was pretty much back to normal, as in back to the same old grind.  I got to celebrate with my monthly Turkish cooking class (plus, I took photos!). This month we learned, Sulu KofteTortilla Borek, and Irmik Helvasi.

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Tortilla Borek

This time I went alone, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn some new recipes and eat some yummy Turkish food … especially with Arzu’s upcoming arrival.  I may have to show off some of my new talents.

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Irmik Helvasi

The Sulu Kofte was the only dish that I had never tasted before, a vegetable and meatball soup that surpassed my expectations. For a little cultural education, we learned that the Irmik Helvasi is traditionally served at funerals 😦 and other religious feast.

The above links are not the exact recipes I learned, but are here for the cooks 🙂 in my life. I’d love to hear if anyone tries the recipes … or of course has some yummy recipes of their own to share.