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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2013 from New York!

photo (3) copy

This is my first week that will be back to normal aka reality after my guest have left. I had 5 different friends in town during the past 2 weeks, so you could say sometimes things were a little hectic.

photo (13)

It’s definitely one of the benefits of living in a big city … visitors are always coming!  I felt very loved and fortunate to have so many friends in town, all the way from Boston, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo, and Istanbul!

photo (12)

The holiday decorations throughout the City were just amazing … as you can see I’ve become a little obsessed with Instagram these days …

photo (10)

With all the hours we walked, I still don’t think we covered every neighborhood, but the food tasting were bountiful.

photo (8)

I think I’ve had my fill of hamburgers, pizza, and hot dogs for the year! [Dana, don’t worry I’ll still take you to the Burger Joint when you come to visit :)]

photo (6)

And on Christmas Day, while at Grand Central Station we came across this sign …

photo (11)

We were either early or late for the proposal, because I didn’t notice anything romantic going on, just people scurrying to the train platforms.

photo (9)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for 2013!

xo, me